Newborn play, what do they really need?

Play is essential for your newborn's overall development, learning and wellbeing. Through play your baby learns abour the world around them and how they can interact with it. New play experiences also help parts of your baby's brain connect and grow, and play that gets your baby moving also builds muscle strength and fine motor skills.

0 to 12 months

During the first few months of life the only toy your baby needs is you. Newborns can only see objects that are 8 to 12 inches away at this stage, so one of the most interesting things your baby looks at will be your smiling face. Therefore playtime and quality time are one in the same, and your baby gets all the entertainment they need from touch and talk.

Your baby will graduate from rattles to stacking cups during the first 12 months. Play objects that promote touch and feel are great options here, soft toys, cloth books and items with difference textures will all be a big hit.

Mushie Bunny Teether

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Little Dutch Sensory Ball

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12 to 24 months

As your baby gets older, you can start to introduce toys that encourage problem solving skills. Simple puzzles, shape sorters and stacking toys are a great choice which build on organisation and motor skills.

Little Dutch Shape Sorter

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Little Dutch Puzzle

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Little Dutch Hammer Bench

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Remember, just enjoy yourselves, its only play if its fun.

Other great resources: NSPCC - Look, Say, Sing, Play