Little Dutch Barbecue Toy Set

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What’s grillin’, little chef? With this toy barbecue set, you have all the tools at hand to mimic the joy of a real barbecue party. 

There’s a tong and spatula, and two skewers. Lift the grill rack and fill it up with pieces of charcoal to heat up the barbecue. Make your own selection of veggies and protein to create a tasty skewer for your favourite toys, your mum and dad, or siblings. Get creative and build a delicious wooden hamburger with the stackable bun and layers.

This wooden toy barbecue set includes 34 wooden pieces and comes with tools, a hamburger bun, and for added realism, a removable grill that allows your little one to easily simulate the grilling process.

Underneath the grill, a clever storage compartment where you can easily store the various wooden ingredients after playing. This hidden stash includes ketchup, mustard, onions, zucchini, corn, sausages, mushrooms, bacon, fish, and charcoal. Watch as your little one explores the art of grilling, creates delicious wooden meals, and develops creativity through role play with this wooden barbecue toy set.

Brand: Little Dutch

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