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Welcome to the world of children's imagination with the MeowBaby® Corduroy Rectangular Pouf, where every corner is an inspiration for play and rest.

With impressive dimensions of 120 cm in length, 60 cm in width, and 35 cm in height at the corners, this pouf creates a spacious oasis of comfort, perfect for active children and their endless energy. The reduced height in the middle to 20 cm is an invitation to relax and calm moments during reading or storytelling. The carefully selected corduroy material, known for its durability and ease of care, is perfect for young explorers. T

he pouf is not just a practical piece of furniture, but also an important element in the educational space, encouraging independent play, creative thinking, and collaborative activities. The 100% polyester composition ensures long-lasting use and ease of maintenance. The innovative design with a separate filling insert allows for its removal and the corduroy cover to be washed, which is extremely practical in daily use.

Provide your child with a place that will support their development and everyday joy of play.

Brand: MeowBaby

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